Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Forget-me-not header with a fairy

1. Click image to enlarge the size.
2. Save picture to your computer.
3. Go to your blog and click customize.
4. Click edit Header.
5. Upload the image from your computer.
6. Placement, choose only "Behind title and description" (not shrink to fit)
7. Save.

8. And then go to "Fonts and colors" and choose Blog Title Color and Blog Description Color, which fit with your new banner.

Feel free to use this blog header on your blog, and a link back to Cute and Cool BlogStuff is appreciated.

You can find the matching background here.

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  1. Juu tämän headerin ja blogipohjan haluaisin ja myös sen jossa on lila renesanssinainen ja sulka sivussa. Maksankin! Jos ehdit auttamaan asennuksissa. Oli vähän vaikeuksia niissä eilen! Teen itselleni vielä pari blogia KOsmoskynan ja Arvoituksen lisäksi, vähän erilaiselle lukijakunnalle -. Tehdään silti se yhteinen historiallinen tyyliblogi, joku oikein romanttinen. Näille uusille tulee nimittäin vain viisastelujani ja perhosteluita.

  2. Marja
    Naista ei kannata maksaa, koska nama kaikki on jokaisen vapaassa kaytossa ja ovatkin jo monilla blogeilla.

    Autan kylla asennuksissa mielellani.

  3. This is beautiful! Is there any way to make this banner fit the 2 column Minima? I would love to use it for my blog! Thank you! ~Jann

  4. This is gorgeous and I'm using it on my blog at the present time. You can see my blog here: http://www.darscraftycreations.blogspot.com/

    Thanks so much for your beautiful work!

  5. I can't pick one. they are all so amazing.

  6. I love love this , and really appreciate that you would go so far out to help us who do not have a I apologize for being so dumb but I can't seem to fit my blog title into the header???? What am I doing wrong?
    I sure appreciate your time.
    Lynn McGinnis

  7. http://bluestoneoforcasisland.blogspot.com/

    sorry that would be the address to my blog , so you can see what I am referring too!! I had a little description too but I couldn't make that fit ether :(