Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dungeon header for 2 coLuMn Minima

Click image to enlarge the size.
2. Save picture to your computer.
3. Go to your blog and click customize.
4. Click edit Header.
5. Upload the image from your computer.
6. Placement, choose only "Behind title and description" (do NOT shrink to fit)
7. Save.

8. And then go to "Fonts and colors" and choose Blog Title Color and Blog Description Color, which fit with your new banner.

Feel free to use this blog header on your blog, and a link back to Cute and Cool BlogStuff is appreciated.

You can find the matching background here.


  1. Adding this one to my zombie site! Awesome! Same question about making the sides go to the top or the header all the way across...novice with the graphics but loving what you have done!

    Dana @

  2. Oh this is awesome! Quite spooky.

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  4. You have some really cool background and blinkies.... love them!